The RAOK Group
The RAOK Group
the raok group

The RAOK Group was formed in January of 1999 by a Mother and Daughter team from Newfoundland, Canada. It began as a place for those who wanted to spread around a little kindness to others online. By forming the group, thousands of members joined instantly to share in the friendship, diversity and kindness that this group evoked around the world. Selfless people one after the other signed up to give a few minutes of their time each day to sign guestbooks or send cards to someone else on the internet to share a little bit of kindness or to send a little happy thought their way.

The RAOK Group stands for random acts of kindness on the internet. We are not affiliated with any other organization. RAOK’s sole purpose is to encourage others to be kind online. The RAOK Group reaches out to everyone no matter who they are. We are a diverse group who accepts men, women and children into our family. We do not discriminate against anyone because we believe we are all one and we are all part of the wonderful human race. The RAOK Group was put in place to make the internet a safer and friendlier place.

The RAOK Group welcomes you. If you have a moment of your time to give then please by all means take some time to sign up and become a member or if you don’t want to join, quietly go forth on the internet and spread kindness. Send a tweet, like a status or sign a guestbook. Just take 5 minutes of your day to be kind online.

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Grab your apron and oven mitts and check out The RAOK Kitchen

Our Kindness and Friendship pages are always being updated.

If you are interested in joining the group, check out our guidelines to make sure this is the place for you.

Take the Diversity Pledge and agree that our world is big enough for us all to live in peace.

Become a Pink Lady and help spread Breast Cancer Awareness around the internet.

The TLC Committee created many pages over the years. While Geocities was shut down I managed to save as much text as possible.

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