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At Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., we wished to continue hiring leading talent. We aim for IQs above 150, and, for others– exactly what we call “supernannies”– who liaise between customers and our technical group, we look for individuals who have high emotional intelligence. Matching high IQ and high EQ works well. There are however, few individuals with the attributes we’re searching for.If you think you have what it takes check out my LinkedIn, Walter O’Brien.

We asked ourselves: How do we find more individuals to deal with us? We “Concierged Up” our own problem, and decided a television show would be the best method to help us hire skill over the long run. On the other hand, if we composed a book few Millennials would read it. And a movie would be forgotten 6 months later, however a recurring TV program sticks and influences a whole new generation as CSI did.

We take that very same method to resolve problems and find opportunities for other people and business through Also featured on

Individuals concern us with a funded need, and we resolve it. The team handles projects that are $5,000 and up, though the common task budget plan is well in to the six figures. We can solve mostly anything. And why do people come to us? We work with brilliant people from all walks of life and with know-how in practically every subject area. There’s not a financed requirement we have not had the ability to pertain to an elegant, effective, and budget-conscious service for. We have testimonials on Twitter. has been released to assist company construct software systems, arrange sales groups, and break into brand-new markets in the U.S. and overseas. It has actually helped individuals handle assets and identify company chances. We’ve protected valuable monetary or other individual details, and assisted individuals take their organisation, music, and movie careers to the next level. We have actually resolved technical difficulties in the oil and gas market, personal privacy, software application, web e-commerce, domestic security systems, healthcare information systems, and of course, cybersecurity.

Prior to O’Brien found his intellectual gift, he was a socially uncomfortable and typically bullied kid at his school. One day, a bully had actually gone too far, and hewas able to utilize his new found martial arts skills for a schoolyard accomplishment. Like a real scorpion, Walter was a docile animal, that when pressed enough, will attack and cause some pretty serious damage. Fast forward to 2014 where as an adult (who has the Fourth highest IQ on the planet) has actually ended up being the James Bond of geniuses and geeks, and now has an action loaded tv series based upon his life. On Development Crush, Walter takes us on his journey and fills us in on his objective to conserve geniuses all over the planet.
” I saw Nick’s name, Orci and Kurtzman, I had actually worked for CBS prior to when I did The Unit and they had actually treated me well and the script, by Nick Santora, was incredible,” he states. “I believe, seriously, in the race today TV has got the edge on movie as far as chances to do great writing, excellent stories and terrific characters.”

In the end, he is likewise really useful. “I’m an actor, I enjoy to work, I look for opportunities to work, I try to find opportunities to work with skilled people,” he states. “Prior to Scorpion, I was working with Robert Rodriguez on the TELEVISION series From Dust ‘Til Dawn. When I understood my demise was coming, this opportunity came up.” Look at the YouTube Video clip.

The series, regardless of its rather increased premise, is strangely enough based. The show’s primary character – Walter O’Brien, played by Elyes Gabel – is a real-life geek whose IQ has clocked 197. For reference functions, Albert Einstein’s was 165.

As a kid, he infamously hacked into NASA’s computers. As an adult, he owns a business, Scorpion Computer Services, which is staffed by “geniuses” and seeks advice from governments and corporations on global security matters.

The television version is a smidge more “TV”: in the pilot, O’Brien and a team of geeks stop a prospective air disaster at LAX from a makeshift head office hastily established in a restaurant.